Live the life you want


My name is Jane Ellis, a qualified, experienced life coach working within an NLP framework.

Life coaching is a structured way of helping you to have insight into both what is stopping you and what will help you move forward. My clients are usually healthy, successful people who might feel a little stuck or simply want to make a big change in their lives. I will work with you to achieve your goals not what I think those goals should be. I am a professional member of ANLP (The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming) 

I have lived all over the world and have experienced many cultures. Although we are all unique, most people desire good mental health, a purpose in life and to create a better world for ourselves and family.  I have had the honour of helping others achieve their goals and work through tremendous challenges. I have found that overwhelming obstacles can be overcome one small step at a time. My own journey required me to trust others to enable me to seek answers from within.   I encountered a variety of different methods to promote change including having fun.

Obtaining my Master practitioner certificate from UKCPD and having Karen Falconer, the CEO of ANLP attending was one of my life’s goals, I can now move forward on my life’s path to other amazing experiences. The goal is never the end.



Receiving my Master Practitioner Certificate