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Deep Relaxation Groups

Going through a life crisis? 

Are you feeling anxious about an upcoming event?

Do you want a place that is just for you where you can escape for a time?
Do the demands of mobile phones, social media and constant change create a world for you that seems to be moving faster.
Do you feel that you must work harder and longer to stay on top of everything? The complexity of the modern world can sometimes look very bleak and can create chronic stress affecting your mental and physical health.


Want to recharge your batteries to enable you to maintain the spring in your step.
Are you content with your world and still want a space just for you to connect with your spiritual side. 
Do you know you love and are loved by family, friends and work colleagues and would like the love to resonate throughout every cell in your body?

Although the relaxation takes place in a group, how much you interact with others is entirely up to you, there is no expectation for you to do anything but to fully engage in your own relaxation. I am qualified and experienced, so you can trust that I will keep you safe. I will guide you using powerful imagery to a place where change happens with ease. Whilst in the state of relaxation you will notice that you have complete control of thoughts you want to keep and those you want to release. Attend groups on a weekly basis to train your mind to relax whenever you want. 

Deep Relaxation can dramatically relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety, whether it is due to work, family life and general day to day living, or an event that has happened or will happen. Within the deep relaxed state, your mind can have the time to solve problems and find the solutions needed. Deep relaxation can allow the mind to concentrate on the healing process and if needed help to prepare the body for surgery.

Ironically the more people feel loss of control in their lives, the less they will invest in themselves. The belief that nothing will work, there is no time for self-development, and that the money can be better spent elsewhere perpetuates low self-image and maintains an unhelpful status quo.

I am confident that deep relaxation works and therefore will give you the first session free.

Please contact me via the contact form for more information.

Charlotte Langcaster Highly recommend - was a little sceptical before but what an amazing truly relaxed feeling!

“You feel completely free and clear minded. Jane is very experienced and knows what she's doing. highly recommended her classes!”    Recommended by Sharina Williams

Melanie Richens  recommends JKE Relaxation Group.

5 March at 12:23 · 

During the session I felt more relaxed than I have been in ages, left feeling refreshed and energised