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Why Me

Life Coaching focuses on what can be achieved in the future rather than what didn't work in the past.
I believe that we do the things we do for a reason and our minds are uniquely equipped to achieve the best results possible. Together we will explore where you are now in your life, find where it is you want to be and how to get there. As you move forward into a brighter future, I can show you how to bring with you skills gained from the past but leave behind unhelpful thoughts and feelings.

 I invite you to share a confidential space to move your life forward, away from the unwanted behaviours and beliefs that are keeping you stuck.



What have you got now with the unwanted part of your life?

What are you not doing?

What are others not doing because of this? 

How do others see you with this unwanted part of your life?


What will you have when the unwanted part of your life is transformed?        

What will you be doing differently?

What will others be doing that is different?

How will others see you transformed?



Alison Churchill  recommends JKE Lifecoaching.

3 hrs · 

I went to Jane for help in 2015 because I had a phobia of dead things - and I had just acquired a cat who kept bringing in dead mice.
Over the course of a two-hour session she worked skilfully and kindly through a variety of NLP techniques, which were gentle and didn’t trigger my phobia, so I found the process interesting rather than stressful. I did however, feel my brain ‘click’ at various points, in the way that a joint or bone can suddenly move back into place.
She then encouraged me to work out a practical plan for exactly how I was to pick up dead mouse and dispose of it.
The effect has been long-lasting. Four years on I am still calmly able to remove each year’s crop of dead mice to the wheelie bin, even when I have had to move television cables/furniture out of the way to reach them. I can also now tolerate the fact that there is actually a dead mouse in my bin – all of which would have been utterly impossible before.